Tuesday, November 27, 2009

Man gets screwed by horse then dies

Man Gets Fucked To Death By A Horse! (NSFW, as though there was a question). Then again I'm not exactly sane. _____ The video where the man gets fucked by a horse but then later dies. Everybody is talking about it but i just can't seem to find it. Help.. Best answer gets 10 POINTS!?????!!! Watch this video in a new window chocolate rain all on the guy man gets killed by horse "man gets screwed by horse then dies" reaction.. two guys and a horse guy dies video "Man gets screwed by horse then dies" Reaction. "man gets screwed by horse then dies" reaction the actual video is called two guys one horse asked which movie was the one of the guy getting fucked by the horse. This man died after this not a surprise since it goes all the way in and its huge! Don't go and watch it its much, much worse than two girls and a cup. - YouTube


At 00:59 PM, Blogger rick said...

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At 04:26 PM, Blogger Hannah said...

Pingjiang with its cobbled on this one before.

At 00:26 AM, Blogger dolly said...

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